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Diese Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden.

In June 2019, “China-Germany High-end Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Committee” (CGEMIC) was officially established in Shenyang with the joint promotion of both two countries. CGEMIC is served as a cooperation platform for enterprises, institutions, universities, research institutes and other organizations in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of China and Germany, with Mayor of Shenyang Municipal People’s Government as CGEMIC Chinese Chairman of the Chinese side, and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Henning Kagermann, Chairman of the Acatech (German National Academy of Science and Engineering) Board of Trustees, as the current CGEMIC Chairman of the German side. Three professional branch committees in industrial internet, intelligent equipment, and dual education are founded within CGEMIC. The focus of CGEMIC is on building platforms for think-tank consultation, foreign cooperation, learning and sharing, solution implementation and industrial development. Since the founding of CGEMIC, innovative cooperation and exchange activities with Germany in various forms have been actively carried out under CGEMIC framework and reached positive outcomes with the strong support of the members of both sides.

In order to further promote CGEMIC’s 2022 missions, the 3rd Annual Meeting is planned to be held on 20th September 2022. CGEMIC Work Achievements will be summarized during the meeting, along with 2022 Work Plan to promote the cooperation projects in different fields featuring the innovation between China and Germany. We hereby sincerely invite you to attend the 3rd Annual Meeting of China-Germany (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Innovation Committee Event.