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China customs clearance requirements, with a focus on CCC and trade logistics, will be covered in the upcoming webinar to adequately prepare the export industry for the latest challenges.

Since 2013, China has been the world’s largest trading nation and continues to hold the highest foreign exchange reserves worldwide, totaling around $3.225 billion USD. Last year, the Chinese economy grew at a rate of 5.2%, remaining significantly high in international comparison. For Germany, China is the most important economic partner in Asia, and Germany is also China’s key trading partner in Europe. China views Germany not only as an economic but also as a political gateway to Europe. Dynamic trade relations, investments, environmental cooperation, research and science policy collaboration, and intensive high-level visitor exchanges characterize the relationship.

A core focus of the webinar revolves around certification in China, including the intricacies of China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and the Voluntary Product Safety Certification System. Through detailed discussions, participants will learn how to identify products requiring certification, navigate the certification process, and engage with relevant government authorities effectively. Moreover, insights into GB Standards, China RoHS, energy efficiency labeling, and NMPA registration will equip attendees with the necessary understanding to align with Chinese regulations effectively.


  • China at a glance
    • The economic development of China
    • China etiquette
    • Communication with business partners and colleagues in practice
    • Literature tips and Internet links
  • Certification in China
    • Details of China Compulsory Certification and Voluntary Product Safety Certification System
    • Process and Requirements of CCC and Voluntary Certification
    • Schedule of Fees and Fees for CCC and Voluntary Certification
    • Results of Discussion with Government Authorities
    • GB Standards
    • Manufacturer License for Pressure-Bearing Equipment and Components
    • China RoHS
    • Energy efficiency labeling
    • NMPA registration using medical devices as an example
    • Government organizations and accredited test laboratories

Target audience

This seminar is tailored for managing directors, sales and export managers, and sales and export clerks involved in processing export transactions to China.

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