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Subject: Have you ever wondered what working in a German company in China is like or how to start your career in China as an expat? The CNBW Young Leaders Career Talk has the answers for you!

In a relaxed chat with old China hand Bernhard Weber and young China hand Christoph Hupays, we take a look at what made them pursue their career in China in the first place, how they got started, what were the success factors in their career and how working in a German company in China differs from working for a German company in Germany. Feel free to bring your own questions regarding career tips, career regrets or anything else you want to know about their career paths.

About Bernhard Weber 

Bernhard Weber Foto Privat

With more than 25 years in China, Bernhard Weber has witnessed China’s whole development from its humble beginnings when it was opening up in the 80s to the economic power house that it has become now. His impressive corporate career spans from getting his start in a Siemens joint venture in Nanjing to being the head of a laundry machine factory of BSH Household Appliances and reached its peak as Chief Administrative Officer of BSH Household Appliances for Greater China. Always remaining a true Baden-Württemberger at heart, he took over the position as Chief representative of the State of Baden-Württemberg in China as well as General Manager of the Baden-Württemberg International Nanjing Office, sharing his knowledge and insights with Baden-Württemberg companies and helping them entering a challenging market which he has known intimately for more than 25 years.
CBNW: Bernhard Weber is Member of the Board of Directors 

About Christoph Hupays 

Christoph Hupays

Christoph Hupays is working as an expat Senior Manager for Localization & Operational Excellence in China. He has continuously been engaged with China for more than 15 years, from being a high school exchange student to being an expat in China. Christoph experienced China from various perspectives such as private family life, student, private traveler, business traveler and expatriate. In his business life, he specialized in the China business of various sectors ranging from Automotive to Mechanical Engineering. During the past years, Christoph led several China-related projects, in particular planning and ramping-up the new China headquarters for a German hidden champion from Baden-Württemberg. Despite of the global pandemic, he successfully managed Sino-German teams, both remotely and on-site. Christoph is currently building up a new localization department in China, acting as a bridge between German headquarters and Chinese subsidiary.
Christoph Hupays is co-speaker of CNBW Young Leaders

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