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In 2023, China surpassed its growth targets with a robust increase in GDP. Sectors that had faced stagnation due to strict COVID-19 rules rebounded, benefiting from increased movement and travel, which, in turn, unleashed pent-up consumption. However, the picture is diverse, and fell short of expectations in some respects. Looking ahead to 2024, China is implementing support and incentive measures to strengthen weak areas, boost domestic demand, and create a favorable environment for business and investment. In this context, understanding the evolving regulatory landscape becomes paramount for the continuous success of foreign investors. Whether faced with critical decisions about investing in China, maintaining an existing presence, or considering an exit strategy. With the publication of our latest An Introduction to Doing Business in China 2024 guide, our China investment expert Simon Laube, Assistant Manager from our East China International Business Advisory team, will guide you in these regards.

• Establishing and running a business in China: Key considerations for 2024 

• Managing tax, audit, and accounting for your China business

• Human resources and payroll management

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