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With the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, China also ended its zero Covid policy and the world seemed ready for the resumption of high GDP growth rates. Nevertheless, the overall trajectory of the Chinese economy appears to be more restrained. As the new year has started, it is crucial to assess the prospects for Chinese economic growth for 2024 and beyond. Are the real-estate crisis and the elevated youth unemployment mere isolated issues, or do they signify deeper systemic problems? Will China return to a path of rapid growth? Is the “no politics, no problem” bargain broken? And if yes, how can the CCP fix it? These issues demand serious consideration.

Furthermore, as the international community, particularly the West, contemplates its response to China’s economic predicament, what strategies should be adopted? At GCC #28, we will engage with renowned experts to delve into these pressing questions and explore the best course of action for navigating the current economic challenges facing China.

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