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In the last decade, Sichuan’s Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Circle has emerged as some of China’s fastest-growing cities, transforming „West China“ into a promising hub for SMEs seeking superior manufacturing conditions compared to coastal cities. This is even more so now that after its reopening China’s economy has bounced back faster than expected with an impressive 4.5% growth rate from the same quarter a year ago.

Furthermore, with its origins in Chengdu-Chongqing and extensions to Duisburg, Germany, and Lodz, Poland, the China-Europe Railway Express establishes a direct connection between Sichuan and Europe. This connection holds immense significance, particularly in light of the transportation disruptions witnessed during the pandemic, further propelling the growth of Sichuan as a flourishing western powerhouse.

In this conversation, Director for Europe Riccardo Benussi at Dezan Shira & Associates will discuss China Western Development and why it holds substantial importance for German companies as a prime opportunity for investment. Along with testimonies from within the industry, the event will also involve the participation of the Deyang National Economic and Technological Zone. Mr. Xiao Bo Pu, FDI Promotion Manager, will focus on the city of Deyang, pilot area straddling in the Chongqing-Chengdu Economic Belt and which is emerging as a thriving economic hub.

  • What industries? Its well-developed transportation infrastructure, cutting-edge science and technology ecosystem, and expertise in key sectors such as High-Tech Industries (Industry 4.0 Transformation, Integrated Circuits, Industrial Robots, CNC Machine Tools, and Digital Industries), as well as Heavy Machinery, Automobiles, Agriculture, Mining, and Equipment Manufacturing – all of this fuelled by renewable energy – has the potential to make West China a place to be for scientific and technological infrastructure.
  • Why West China and why now? In the future, China’s sustainable development might very well take shape in the western inland areas, deviating from the traditional focus on the coastal cities and even reversing historical migratory trends.
  • What can foreign companies expect? The region offers promising career opportunities across various industries, favorable salary ranges, and a better work-life balance – all aspects which are attracting a growing pool of talented individuals. At the same time, foreign companies can leverage lower labor costs and other incentives to effectively tackle human resources challenges within specific industries.


08:30 AM   Registration

09:00 AM   Event start and opening speech by Riccardo Benussi, Director for Europe at Dezan Shira & Associates

09:05 AM   Presentation by Riccardo Benussi

09:25 AM   Q&A session

09:35 AM   Presentation by Mr. Xiao Bo Pu, FDI Promotion Manager from Deyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

09:55 AM   Testimonies from the industry

10:05 AM   Q&A session

10:15 AM   Get together and networking with snacks and drinks

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