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With China’s steady recovery after reopening its borders, we have seen higher interest from foreign companies revisiting their expansion plan into this enormous and fast-growing market.

However, trademark infringement remains a crucial challenge for businesses, especially following China’s first-to-file trademark regime. Also, under current market internationalization trends, the protection of trademarks should become an essential part of FIE’s China business strategy.

Foreign companies entering the Chinese market need to familiarize themselves with its complex trademark regime, which facilitates protections while also imposing certain unique limitations that brands must work around. In this webinar, Monica Li, Business Advisory Services Manager, will help you sort out the below matters when handling trademark issues in China:

  1. Benefits of registering a trademark in China
  2. Overview of the trademark registration process
  3. How can foreign individuals or entities enforce their trademark rights in China?
  4. Costs associated with trademark registration and enforcement
  5. Special notice for foreign individuals or entities when registering a trademark in China

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