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4:00 PM China / 3:00 PM Vietnam / 3:00 PM Jakarta / 10:00 AM CEST

In a world defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), companies are actively pursuing innovative approaches to ensure resilience and sustainability. While China’s established supply chains, advanced infrastructure, and abundant talent are well-known, the ASEAN region presents itself as an increasingly appealing market option. Here, businesses encounter favorable tariff schemes, deepening supply chains, and substantial cost advantages.

For international companies already situated in South China, strategically expanding operations into the nearby and rapidly growing ASEAN region offers immense potential. Many are already optimizing their supply chains, seeking cost-effective inputs from alternative regions to streamline operations, explore new opportunities, or enhance existing ventures.

Hosted by our Managing Partner, Alberto Vettoretti, and ASEAN Advisory Head, Marco Förster, this workshop focuses on strategically leveraging supply chain connection opportunities between South China and the vibrant ASEAN market. Through sharing case studies and innovative strategies, we aim to showcase pathways for resilience and sustainability in today’s dynamic global business environment.

Agenda (China time):

• 3:30-4:00 PM Registration & Networking

• 4:00-4:10 PM Introduction

• 4:10-4:30 PM Understanding ASEAN Markets: Key Insights and Opportunities

• 4:30-4:50 PM Deep Dive into Unique Opportunities in Vietnam and Indonesia

• 4:50-5:15 PM Leveraging Supply Chain Connections: Strategies, Case Studies, and Best Practices

• 5:15 PM and Beyond: Q&A Session

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